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NATO Is as Vital Today as It Was in 1949

On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the venerable institution, the Pax Americana Institute salutes NATO.

The threats the modern world faces are as real and present as ever, NATO remains relevant and vital to global stability.

American Security of Space

As the world turns its eyes back to space, the United States must take action and safeguard the prospects that space exploration can hold for all of humanity

May's Conservative Library Recommendation:

Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky

...you read that right!

May's Intelligence Forecast

1. Wisconsin Terrorism Again on the Rise
2. U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Becomes Classified
3. The Future of Protecting Taiwan from Chinese Pressure

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How is The Pax Americana Institute Defending Conservative Political Thought for the Midwest?

For 13 years, Pax Americana has been writing, publishing and influencing thought about conservative Midwestern politics. All politics is local, and we take that seriously: we care about our Midwestern home, and the political winds that blow through it.

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Because it has never been more difficult or more important to defend Classical Conservatism, the Pax Americana Institute is devoted to defending the tradition of classical conservatism in the Midwest.

The principles and pillars of classical conservatism rise above the domestic rabble-rousing of national media, in-fighting and campaigning. Classical conservatism is founded on principles of natural law, inalienable rights, human decency and democratic republic representation.

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Fundamentals of Classical Conservatism

Classical Conservatism is founded on principles of natural order, rule of law, natural human rights, democratic republican representation, the American Constitution and fidelity. The definition of Classical Conservatism might be different from what you imagine.

We compiled a carefully considered description of Classical Conservatism. Read our detailed description of Classical Conservatism's tenets here.

Classical Conservatism is more than partisan jockeying for elections: it is a principled consideration of as many different issues as possible. Classical Conservatism is founded on ideals that have steered ships of state throughout the world to prosperity, peace and success.

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