Recommended Articles
27 May – 2 June 2018

1. Rich Lowry at The National Review talks about standing up for what is right in relation to the new NFL rulings requiring players to stand for the national anthem. Lowry states, “There are all sorts of way to express your discontent with policing in America other than disgracing your team and your league by kneeling during the National Anthem.” The Pax Americana Institute and our classically conservative ideology drives us to support the country which allows a wide array of opinions to prosper. As a midwestern conservative think tank we proudly support the idea of standing up for what you believe in a manner that is professional and respectful.

2. Matt Walsh at The Daily Wire writes about the moral ambiguity of society and the movement away from God in contemporary culture. Midwestern conservatism has always maintained the moral high ground on a multitude of issues, placing Christian ethics above all else. Conservative think tanks such as the Pax Americana Institute propagate the message of morality which classical conservatives have always argued. Midwestern culture has largely revolved around these same ideas.

3. Dr. Lamont Colucci in writing for the American Media Institute, comments about how the Obama administration knowingly prevented the arrests of Hezbollah terrorists. Classical conservatives have always maintain a hard line belief on defending the rights of all who would have them stripped. The Pax Americana Institute and midwestern conservatism stands staunchly against both the ideology of those committing terrorist acts under the political guise of Hezbollah as well as the inaction of the Obama administration in countering these actions.

4. Stephen Hayes in The Weekly Standard writes about Paul Ryan’s retirement and the ending of classical conservatism within the Republican Party. The Pax Americana Institute and Midwestern conservatives have always maintained the belief that ideology comes before a party name. Paul Ryan is an example of what true conservative philosophy means in the political arena and what conservative think tanks propagate.

5. Thomas Donnelly writing in Strategika for The Hoover Institute relays his beliefs on economic sanctions and their real-world problems. Donnelly writes for several conservative think tanks and much of his ideology matches that of the Pax Americana Institute. Classical conservatives everywhere know that economic sanctions, a favorite of the Obama administration, cannot solve international issues and conflict. Hardline ethical standards must be employed in foreign policy decision making.