Recommended Articles
3-9 June 2018

1. The editors of The Weekly Standard illustrate the rising tensions between “peaceable nations” and Russia. The foreign policy decisions by the Russian Federation have always been a looming issue. Midwestern conservatives should always pay close attention to Russian foreign policy. The Pax Americana Institute and classical conservative thinkers continue to monitor the overt threat of the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin’s notoriously violent path.

2. Jonah Goldberg at National Review writes a letter-type article on what it means to be grounded after he attended the funeral of his friend and one of Alaska’s founders, Vladimir Paul Gavora. Goldberg comments on the necessity of a moral consensus to help solve issues. Midwestern conservatives, the Pax Americana Institute, and classical conservatives everywhere have continued to maintain morals as the rules for life. Additionally, Goldberg comments on limiting the power in Washington to prevent monarchical style rule, a classical conservative pillar.

3. Jonathan Tobin at National Review writes about the recent firing of Roseanne Barr over a racially charged tweet and the implications of limiting employment based on speech. Though classical and midwestern conservatives recognize that those who would speak egregiously about any given situation, especially on race issues, should not be tolerated, they also believe that protecting the rights of individuals is of number one importance. The Pax Americana Institute and classical conservatives across the midwest know that eliminating a job based on someone’s personal feelings and actions, as long as they do not harm the liberties of others, puts society on a slippery slope of rights eliminations.

4. Dr. Lamont Colucci comments on the most recent world events concerning the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, the father of Marxism and author of The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. As today’s younger generations in western countries move further into a pro-communist and anti-capitalist mindset, the Pax Americana Institute is dedicated to education and enlightenment on the issue. Fighting communism has always been a cornerstone of midwestern and classical conservative ideology and will remain a necessary task for generations to come.

5. A report from Global Security outlines the recent developments of an Iranian advanced monitoring program. The U.S. Department of Treasury has found the program to be a cause of concern for human rights under Iran’s sphere of influence. The Pax Americana Institute and Midwestern conservatives know about the long list of human rights violations which have come from the Iranian government to both their citizens and others who have fallen under their reach. Classical conservatives everywhere understand the issues with Iran’s dictatorial and abusive regime; this report highlights the issues which drive the conservative fight.