Recommended Articles
10 June 2018

1. Matthew Continetti of The National Review comments in the ideological disposition of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. The article reviews the historical factors of the regimes past leaders and draws an assessment on the recent international dealings. The tyranny of North Korea’s leadership will be lasting, spreading its oppression even after talks are finally pursued between the United States and North Korea. Midwestern conservatives understand the struggle to fight tyrannical dictators – referring back to the struggle fought by classical conservatives in the fight for our own independence.

2. Charles Krauthammer, writing in The Washington Post, sends a letter to his readers and followers. Last August, Krauthammer underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and has recently found out the tumor has returned within the course of a month, giving him only an estimated few weeks to live. Charles Krauthammer is a highly looked upon writer with classical conservative ideology strung throughout his works. PAI and midwestern conservatives everywhere know and appreciate the work that Krauthammer has done to give classical conservatism a voice within the media and will miss him deeply.

3. John McCormack of The Weekly Standard reports and analyzes the current situation with North Korea and China, focusing on why the countries support the idea of a deal being made. McCormack interviewed senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who was eager to comment on the issues what would ensue should North Korea try to “play” the Trump administration. Graham commented on the current status of United States international relation, which now utilized American military force as a diplomatic tool – something midwestern and classical conservatives saw fall away during the Obama administration. PAI supports the idea of maintaining a force which can fight and win the nation’s wars in the hope that such will not need to be used. Midwestern conservatives have never strayed away from military service, and returning to a strong international standing has always been important.

4. Guy Taylor and Dan Boylan at The Washington Times write about China’s movement to better dealings with Iran. Commercial links between the two countries have been on the rise since the announcement by the Trump administration that the U.S. would pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Though classical conservatism believes in free market, the possibility of nuclear trades between Iran and China poses a national security risk. Midwestern conservatives as well as the Pax Americana Institute recognize the problems which are posed by increased relations between two anti-western nations.

5. Posted by Jack Murphy of SOFREP is an outline of the situation in which a communist sympathizer was allowed to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point and commission as a second lieutenant. Spencer Rapone, the soldier and officer in question, publicly posted a photo of himself last year at his graduation and commissioning ceremony flaunting the inside of his cap which read “communism will win.” The Army has decided to release Rapone on an “other than honorable” discharge which will eliminate his access to veteran benefits. The Rapon issue shows the infiltration of communist ideology into the one of the highest academic institutions in the United States. Classical conservatives continue to fight the communist ideology today and need to continue to do so in the future. PAI and midwestern conservatives always seek to further the American way of liberty for all, officers such as Rapone are a major roadblock for such progress to proceed.