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This Edition’s Talking Points Included:

  • The emerging crisis over Iran’s nuclear ambitions continues to unfold.  The news in recent months has lived up to expectations; there have been few surprises, but the clock is ticking.  The United States has been leading a coalition of individual states and international bodies like the United Nations, mixing positive inducements and negative penalties as it attempts to change the Iranian regime’s behavior.  Is there a key to compelling Tehran to halt its nuclear weapons development?  Can the United States and the international community achieve this strategic objective? How?
  • The 2010 national midterm election is poised to affect the national legislative agenda for at least the next two years.  What are the most important principles for America’s new representatives, Senators, and policymakers to embody as they assume their new posts?  (Submission Criteria Below)

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Fall – Winter 2010 Edition Contents

Letter to the Editor: ―Redistricting WI‘s 57th Assembly District.‖ 5.
Letter to the Editor: ―Talks in Geneva over Iranian Nuclear Program.‖ 6.
Letter to the Editor: ―Manufacturing is Not Gone it has Changed Color.‖ 6.
Letter to the Editor: ―North Korea a Real Threat?‖ 7.
Talking Point #1: Stopping an Iranian Nuclear Program
Response: ―Completely Banning the Sale of Iranian Crude.‖ 8.
Response: ―Shock & Awe; Seizing Iran.‖ 9.
Response: ―The West Must Leverage the Iranian People.‖ 9
Talking Point #2: Defining Legislative Values
Response: ―Vintage Perspective: Heralding the Values of our Founding.‖ 11.
Response: ―A Resounding Yes for Limited Government.‖ 11.
Response: ―A Resounding Yes for Limited Government.‖ 12.
Essays & Research
The Year of the Conservative Woman.‖ 15.
The Importance of Presidential Campaigns in Determining Election Outcome.‖ 18.
The Intellectual [Libertarian] Force Behind Web 2.0.‖ 27.
Behind an Extraordinary Person: Dr. Condoleeza Rice.‖ 33.
Energy Independence and How to Achieve It: Smart Grid, Part I.‖ 36.
U.S. – Cuba Relations: Understanding Yesterday to Make Tomorrow Work.‖ 39.


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Spring – Summer  2010 Edition Contents:

Op-Ed: The Time for Blaming Bush Is Over! |4
Op-Ed: Pres. Obama Is Wrong on Bush Tax Cuts |4
Talking Points: The Obama Doctrine |5
Talking Points: Arizona’s SB 1070 and Illegal Immigration |7
Partnership Publications & Internships |9
Essay: Presidential Power: Limits of a Crisis |10
Essay: Presidential Supremacy in Foreign Affairs… |18

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2009 Edition Contents

Op-Ed: Social Security Reform Now! |5
Op-Ed: Russian Reaction to Israeli Strike |6
Op-Ed: WI Tea Parties: National Crown Jewel |7
Op-Ed: US Lost Freedoms: Index Econ. Freedom |8
Talking Point: Scrapping the Missile Shield |10
Talking Point: Crisis on the US-Mexico Border |11
Feature: Defense Spending: US v Russia |12
Feature: President Fillmore & US Power Abroad |24
Feature: Culture & Economics: Mid-East & Africa |28
Feature: Birth of the Conservative Movement |37



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