The Pax Americana Institute’s mission is to safeguard, defend and define Midwestern classical conservatism. That mission is helped and supported by men and women all over the country. We admire and respect each and every one of our supporters and backers.

Some of our supporters are owed a particular acknowledgement, though, out of respect for their positions and the public attention given to them. We’d like to take a moment and acknowledge some of our high-profile advisors. We hope that their endorsement of the Pax Americana Institute will encourage you to also provide financial support.

Pax Americana Institute’s Board of Advisors:

  • Hank Cooper, Ambassador and former Director Strategic Defense Initiative

  • Chuck Downs, Former Senior Defense and Foreign Policy Advisor to the House Policy Committee and Former Executive Director of the U. S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea


  • Dan Gallington, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Territorial Security and Special Assistant for Special Operations and Combating Terrorism


  • Richard Miniter, best selling author, CEO-American Media Institute


  • Peter Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security


  • Jim Woolsey, Former CIA Director


  • Robert Kasten – Former US Senator from Wisconsin









This Board of Advisors boasts some of the best minds thinking, writing and publishing about conservative issues, values and topics. Click here to see the published works of the Pax Americana Institute’s Board of Advisors.