• Fall, Spring, Summer or Year-Round Internships
  • You Will Be Asked To:
    • Research issues of great importance to our nation’s national security and foreign policy and present your ideas and writings to the public, press and policymakers alongside professionals in the field;
    • Develop practical policy solutions for local and Midwestern elected officials;
    • Travel on behalf of PAI and represent our interests at conferences and events around the nation (all expenses paid); and
    • Advance the values and virtues of classical conservatism in Wisconsin, the Midwest, the United States and the world.
    • Administrative duties.


The goal of our Internship Program, PAXIP, is to identify and engage undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing careers within the foreign policy and national security arenas or in developmental or security work within the non-profit and private sectors.  Our interns contribute directly to the advancement of the conservative cause in the short-term even as we prepare them to serve their nation as responsible leaders in the long-term.

Our program is very uniquely designed to actively engage interns in a way that other programs do not.  Unlike other internships, you will be asked to research, develop, and present your ideas and writings alongside professionals in the field.  You will have the opportunity to contribute to the publication of our weekly columns and forums within our website that articulate our positions and research.  Some of these include: MadCity—70 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality; Eye on Wisconsin; International Elections and the U.S. Alliance; A Voter’s Guide to Internal Policy; and Climate and Resource Security.

With such responsibility comes the necessity of commitment.  PAI interns should be able to devote at least 10-20 hours per week to their positions and must be willing to travel.  We dispatch our interns to represent us at local, state, regional, and national conferences.  Our interns have represented us at State hearings and conventions, educational and non-profit seminars, the Mackinac Leadership Conference, and the Annual Heritage Foundation Resource Bank meeting held in changing national venues.

PAXIP interns are strongly encouraged to co-author books alongside the Institute’s research fellows, plan and set up public forums and conferences, and regularly communicate with political officials across the country during their research and work with the Institute.  PAI makes every effort to coordinate interns’ research agendas into Institute initiatives.

If you are interested in joining a program that will truly develop both your resume and the skills necessary for a successful career within the federal government or non-profit sector, then applying for an internship position with PAI is the first step.  All positions are unpaid and subject to legal confidentiality agreements.


Send us a message using this contact form and we’ll reach out to you with what we need from you!

There is NO DEADLINE to apply. While the selection process is highly selective, we want those who are serious about such issues and who want to work with us.