Intelligence Forecast

Intelligence Forecast: 1-15 July 2018

Intelligence Forecast 1-15 July 2018 1. Space Force Proposal and International Reaction On Monday, June 18th, President Donald Trump signed a directive to the United States Department of Defense to begin the creation of a new military branch. The proposed branch, the United States Space Force, would cover any and all operations which take place […]

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Intelligence Forecast: 15-30 June 2018

Intelligence Forecast 15-30 June 2018 1. North Korea Could Roll Back on Summit Promises The summit held in Singapore between President Trump and Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un came with both praise and criticism. Most critics referenced the summit as the legitimization of North Korea’s human rights abuses, citing that they should have been addressed before […]

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Intelligence Forecast: 1-15 June 2018

1. Next Step with the Israel Embassy Throughout several past Presidencies, the American people have been fed the promise of moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Promises like this have been made by Presidents from both the Republican and Democratic party. During former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, Clinton attacked George H.W. Bush […]

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