Suggested Articles
24-30 June

1. The Supreme Court Delivers Another Stinging Rebuke to Anti-Free-Speech Authoritarians.

David French, from the National Review, reviews the Supreme court’s recent decisions concerning the First Amendment. The most recent case was Janus v. AFSCME, a case in which the State of Illinois was forcing state employees to subsidize public-employee unions, even if the employee opted not to join the union. For midwestern conservatives, this is a huge infraction to our civil liberties. PAI supports the sentiment that Thomas Jefferson famously said, “to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhor[s] is sinful and tyrannical.”

2. An Election in Baghdad

In an editorial in the Weekly Standard, the editors point out the lack of attention paid to Iraq. In recent months, this administration and the media has been fixated on the tension building between the United States and Iran, but have overlooked Tehran’s influence on Iraq. With Pro-Iranian and Anti-American groups gaining power in Baghdad, midwestern conservatives should be worried that one of our hard-fought allies in the middle east could soon be an enemy.

3. Acting With Strength US Can Achieve Detente With Russia

PAI Advisor Peter Pry, in an article on NewsMax, talks about the threat Russia is posing to the United States. With new artificial intelligence controlled superweapons and doomsday devices, Pry argues the United States needs to take the threat from Russia seriously. To protect and defend the population of the United States is more in line with western culture and midwestern conservative values than having to avenge our dead. PAI supports the idea that the United States needs to take the threat of Nuclear, EMP, and AI-based weapons seriously as they pose existential threats to our way of life.

4. ‘Living Constitution’ Faces a Mercy Killing

In an article, on, Jonah Goldberg comments on the ongoing situation regarding the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy stepping down at the age of 81. This article articulates the issues with the court in the past, as being a tool for the left, especially the ‘Living Constitution’ theory. Goldberg talks again about the lack of civility on the left, and how it was actually the left that opened the doors to make it easy for the current administration to appoint a new Justice. As midwestern conservatives, PAI believes in the constitution as the founders wrote it. A belief that the Supreme court should not be setting laws, but rather interpreting and ruling on the legality of the ones we have currently.