Suggested Articles
8-14 July 2018

1. The Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes a Blow for Academic Freedom

David French, in an article on National Review, writes about a court case that is close to home in the Midwest. In a ruling on Friday, July 6th, the Wisconsin supreme court held that Marquette University violated its own policy when they terminated a conservative professor John McAdams. French talks about the implications of this case on conservatives in private schools all across the Nation. PAI is proud of the Wisconsin Supreme Court for standing up for conservatives and limiting liberal universities ability to silence the conservative voice on campus.

2. The Values Underlying Independence Day

Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote on about what the Declaration of Independence means. His discussion highlighted the thinking of the founding fathers, and put our rights into perspective. In the end, juxtaposing the America of 1776 with the America of today. Midwestern Conservatives believe that our unalienable rights, given to us by our creator should continue to be fought for. Just as our founders did so much to advance the America we know today, PAI looks to help advance the virtues and values spelled out by our founding fathers.

3. May the Force Be With Us…

In an Article by one of the PAI Advisors, Ambassador Henry Cooper, he discusses the history and need for a “Space Force”. Ambassador Cooper gives the history of the SDI era and the technological developments the United States made to become dominate in missile defense and space. Just as Ambassador Cooper argues, Midwestern Conservatives should be happy that the United States is taking a renewed interest in space, in order to protect our national interests on Earth and beyond.

4. Religion and the Renaissance

Joseph Loconte, in an article from the Weekly Standard, talks about the religious side of the Renaissance period. Known for rampant individualism, the Renaissance period often gets negative attention from conservatives. However, Loconte shows the religious side of this period. It is important for Midwestern Conservatives to have a firm understanding of history and get the full picture of this momentous period of life. PAI understands the importance of history on modern life and strives to provide its readers with a better understanding of how western civilization came to be.