1. Russell Kirk’s Reminder: Virtue Matters

In an article on NationalReview.com, Liam Warner writes about one of the leaders of the conservative movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Russell Kirk’s birth, and with that anniversary Liam Warner writes to remind us of a key principle that Kirk declared. In this contentious time of political jargon, it is important for Midwestern Conservatives to remember that Virtue should be at the center of all decision. Just as Russell Kirk sought to accomplish, PAI seeks to advance the virtues and values of classical conservatism. PAI owes a debt to Russell Kirk that can never be repaid. He was a giant in the best sense of the word.


2. The legacy of Fat Man and Little Boy!

In an article on highfrontier.org, PAI advisor, Ambassador Henry F. Cooper, talks about the history of the United States nuclear program. Dating back to the 1940’s and the creation of the first nuclear weapon, Ambassador Cooper talks about how fast weapons technology can change. Midwestern conservatives should understand that it is important to constantly update our military and our technology. Learning from history, PAI understands that military technology can change in the blink of an eye, and the last thing you want is your enemy holding the control to the worlds new superweapon.


3. US to provide additional $200M in defensive aid to Ukraine

In an article on theHill.com, John Bowden takes a look at US involvement in Ukraine. After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the United States has been helping Ukraine fight the pro-Russian separatists. In the article Bowden points out that since 2014, the United States has given Ukraine up to $1 billion dollars in aid. Midwestern conservatives should take note of the United States continuing actions against Russian influence abroad.


4. Weak Evidence for New Gun Control Laws

In an article on Townhall.com, John R. Lott, Jr. talks about the new gun laws that are being proposed and passed all around the country. He breaks down the damage these new laws are to the second amendment, and even makes a case that these laws could increase gun violence and crime. Midwestern conservatives should see these new laws as an attack on their second amendment rights. PAI stands to help ensure that the rights in our constitution remain protected.


5. Stanford Student Threatens to ‘Physically Fight Zionists’ on Campus

In an article on weeklystandard.com, Adam Rubenstein looks into a case in which a student at Stanford has threatened to physically attack students if they are pro-Israeli. This case is just another example of how the rhetoric on college campuses has just continued to escalate and is close to boiling over into physical altercations. PAI and midwestern conservatives believe that college campuses should be a place where young people can exchange ideas and have debates in an effort to codify your thoughts and beliefs before going out into the real world. Students should not have to face physical harm by having a belief.