1. In Soviet Echo, Putin Gives Russian Army a Political Wing

Andrew Osborn, writing for Reuters, reports on one of the newest directorates by Vladimir Putin to foster patriotism and nationalism within the Russian military. The presidential decree from Putin is an attempt to “ensure soldiers’ loyalty,” parallelling similar moves made by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. For the United States, this establishment reflects not just the mindset of our adversary but also their willingness to battle an ideological enemy. The move also follows suit with PAI’s very own piece on the changes being made to the Russian Intelligence community, “Putin’s KGB: The Coupling of the FSB and SVR.” The Pax Americana Institute and its Midwestern conservative followers know the dangers of a growing pro-Russian ideology, both within Russia and outside of it. Classical conservatives stand ready to fight the ideological terrors associated with Soviet-era thinking.


2. The U.S. Should Work with Mexico to Stem Central American Migration

Dan Crenshaw, in an article from The National Review, provides an analysis of the recent comments by Mexican president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Obrador had announced that the border security on the south of his nation would be a priority for his administration. Crenshaw suggests that a “reboot” of the Mexican-American partnership would be helpful in the United States’ fight over its own southern border. For classical conservatives everywhere, state sovereignty is important and relies in part, on strong border security. The Pax Americana Institute and its followers understand the necessity for diplomacy, especially with Mexico concerning the illegal immigration situation and the problems it brings.


3. Pentagon Creates ‘Do Not Buy’ List of Russian, Chinese Software

Patrick Tucker reports on the recent Pentagon development of a “Do Not Buy” list for Russian and Chinese operational software. The article in Defense One covers the list which was released about six months ago and, at this point, is under continual revision. PAI and its Midwestern conservative followers, though perceivably further away from the threats of Russia and China, know full well the hazards which are posed by technology developed by foreign nations which are hostile to the United States. Conservatives everywhere, including those who follow the Pax Americana Institute, continue to monitor the issues which may arise from foreign technologies.


4. Are You Kidding Me? An ICE Official Had To Give Illegal Immigration 101 To A Democratic Senator

Townhall writer Matt Vespa provides an analysis of the recent Senate hearing on child separation at the border, a topic which has been under major scrutiny by the American left after the Trump administration took office in 2016. Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono claimed she was “confused” at the reasoning for why illegal immigrants had to be detained at the border. Following up her comments with the statement, “they have broken a law only as deemed so by the president.” This irrational thought process, which has been a seemingly recurring trend with the American political left today, is just one of many cases where the reality of the situation is discarded in order to push an agenda. The Pax Americana Institute and its classically conservative Midwestern followers know all too well the current political climate and the importance in combating such irrational thinking.


5. North Korea Possibly Constructing New ICBMs, Missile Program Moving on Business as Usual,’ Official Says

Benjamin Brown and Lucas Tomlinson coauthor an article for Fox News, reporting on the newest developments concerning North Korea. United States intelligence has revealed that the Kim regime is currently in the development stage of a new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. The Pax Americana Institute has been closely monitoring the situation in North Korea, and our midwestern conservative followers understand the problems it poses for the world today. Conservatives across the United States know the necessity for applying realism to the situation at hand. North Korea poses a lasting threat to American national security.