Suggested Articles:
12-18 August 2018

1. Time to Revive Brilliant Pebbles!

PAI Board of Advisors Member and Chairman of High Frontier, Ambassador Henry Cooper, provides a summary of the Brilliant Pebbles missile defense system and its possible revival under the Trump administration. Brilliant Pebbles is a space-based interceptor which has the ability to destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles all throughout their flight, from boost to reentry. With North Korean missile production continuing, and the looming threat of Russia, China, and Iran as prominent as ever, conservatives both in the Midwest and across the United States understand the necessity of a capable missile defense system. The Pax Americana Institute will continue to monitor this situation and those like it, always pushing for a brighter defensive future.

2. Understanding Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 73 Years Later

Dan Mclaughlin of The National Review provides insight and historical analysis of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Much of Mclaughlin’s article addresses the historical inaccuracies which seemingly plague not only modern-day conversation of the bombings but also how students learn of them in early education. The decision to drop the bombs was not made lightly and was made with the intention of ultimately saving lives on both the American and Japanese sides. PAI and its classically conservative followers understand the gravity of the situation and know that history needs to be taught and analyzed correctly in order to learn from it. Midwestern conservatives recognize the necessity of reflection, especially this week, which marked 73 years since the bombings, and know full well that lasting peace with Japan was a result of them.

3. Iranian President tells North Korea that US is ‘Untrustworthy

Brett Samuel, a reporter for The Hill, give an analysis of a Reuters report which claimed that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had made statements to a North Korean diplomat that the United States is “untrustworthy” and “does not meet any of its obligations.” The Iranian anti-US sentiment comes as no surprise but remains ironic for the belligerent Middle Eastern nation. It is important to employ realism to the Iran and North Korea situations, keeping in mind their dangerous and belligerent past. The Pax Americana Institute has analyzed the actions of Iran before and will continue to do such until their compliance with international norms is met.

4. Israel Orders ‘Strong Action’ Against Hamas as Rocket Fire from Gaza Persists

Samuel Chamberlain of Fox News reviews the tension-filled situation between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip. Last week, the Pax Americana Institute provided a snapshot of the current situation in Gaza which saw tension again rise between the IDF and Palestinian militants. Hamas, a known and labeled terrorist organization, continues to derail efforts in peacemaking by launching new attacks on Israel. Midwestern conservatives who follow PAI want peace to be the outcome of the Arab-Israeli conflict but recognize that Hamas’ action is inhibiting both sides from moving forward. The depth by which Hamas and its supporters drive the Arab-Israeli conflict cannot be taken lightly and classical conservative across the United States recognize this issue.