Suggested Articles
2-8 September 2018

1. Bring Back the Drills

The Editors of The Weekly Standard provide an analysis of the recent issues arising from North Korea’s nuclear weapon development. The articles suggest that President Donald Trump should bring back the joint exercises between South Korea and the United States as a show of force and a form of diplomacy. The exercises are known to irritate the North Korean regime, rightfully giving them a sense of reality when faced with the world strongest military power. The Pax Americana Institute has been monitoring the North Korea situation, conveying the importance of a strong stance against the regimes nuclear weapon development to our conservative followers in the midwest and beyond.

2. Trump warns Assad, Syrian allies on a reported plan for Idlib province offensive

Fox News writer Edmund DeMarche gives a review of President Donald Trump’s warning to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad not to attack the Idlib province where some 3 million people are living. The al-Assad regime is known for their reckless actions against enemies, and innocent citizens alike and the possible execution of a massive military operation could cause a massive wave of refugees to the surrounding regions. PAI and its classical conservative followers know all too well the issues of international destabilization when regimes like that in Syria act irrationally or without regard for innocent human life.

3. Russia’s sending a fleet of warships to Syria to help secure a propaganda victory

Alex Hollings at NEWSREP provides review and analysis of Russia recent mobilization of 13 total warships to the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria. The group of Russian cruisers is said to maintain guided missile capabilities similar to the United States Tomahawk missiles. The mobilization of these forces shows both Russian aggression and the foreign policy desire to maintain influence in the middle east. Classical conservatives in the midwest and throughout the United States have actively been proponents of countering Russian aggression and influence; this situation is no different than the last. The Pax Americana Institute will continue to monitor and actively counter Russian imperialism.

4. U.K. Prosecutors: Two Russian Intel Agents Charged in Novichok Poisonings

The National Review’s Mairead Mcardle reports on the prosecution of two alleged Russian intelligence agents who were involved in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, an ex Russian spy, and his daughter Yulia. Executing prior agents has always been within the mission set of Russian intelligence agencies, showing both their belligerence and desire to protect possible state secrets. Like the article above about Russian warships, the actions abroad by Russia show their growing boldness and desire to spread influence. PAI and its classical conservative readers should head a defensive stance, countering Russian aggression and ideology.