Suggested Articles
23-29 September 2018

1. The Real Russian Threat

Dr. Peter Pry, a PAI Board of Directors member, writes in The Washington Times that the true Russian threat is not to the United States elections but instead “to our lives.” The true Russian threat comes in the form of military force and can appear at any given moment under the guise of training exercises. Since World War II, Russia doctrine has dictated that the world not know its full military potential in order to maintain the element of surprise. PAI remains concerned with the existential threat that Russia poses to American citizens as well as to the whole world. Classical conservatives should not be dismayed by mainstream media outlets that discredit the threat of Russia or avoid real-world situations that can allow that threat to manifest in an attack.

2. The Cost of Appeasement

Dr. Lamont Colucci, in writing for the AMI Newswire, addresses the issues with foreign policy decisions that are built on appeasing. The issues that plagued Europe during World War I and World War II were exacerbated because high level government officials like British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain thought that conflict could be avoided if only a small portion of people had to suffer at the hands of tyrannical men like Hitler. The Pax Americana Institute fully understand the issues surrounding appeasement style policies and the overwhelming lack of problem solving they produce. Classical Conservatives in the Midwest and beyond take note that approaches of appeasement to irrational regimes is never and will never be the answer and instead decisive and hard line action must be taken in order to preserve liberty.

3. Iran rules out Singapore-style summit with Trump

The Washington Time contributor Carlo Muñoz reports on the recent developments surrounding Iran and their unwillingness to meet with President Trump or other US officials. Iran’s decision to refuse a meeting with the US, which could have ultimately set them on a positive course in both the eyes of the United States and of the world, shows their irrational and deep seated ideology. PAI has continually monitored the Iran situation and has habitually come to the same conclusion: Iran refuses to accept the standards of the United States because of their heavy and consistent ties to radical ideologies. Midwestern conservatives know that the threat of Iran, both militarily and ideologically, must be countered in order to preserve the freedoms that the world so enjoys.

4. You Say You Want a Revolution?

Alice Lloyd of The Weekly Standard provides an insight into the modern day occurrences surrounding “Trump-era feminism” and the problems it has been causing. Perhaps the most recent development was the “Believe All Women” campaign which came about because of Christine Fords testimony against Judge Kavanaugh which lacked anything close to a shred of evidence. Lloyd makes her point early and strong writing, “as is often the case with revolutionary ideas made real—believing all, absent due process, invites only chaos.” The idea that all should be believed based on some convoluted form of sympathy is a cornerstone of today’s American left and poses a significant threat to the liberties we hold so close. The Pax Americana Institute and its classical conservative followers in the midwest and elsewhere must continue to combat this ideological threat and protect the future of the United States.