Suggested Articles:
30 September – 6 October 2018

1. U.S. intel heard Saudis discussing plot against journalist

Guy Taylor of The Washington Times reports on new intelligence which has surfaced about a plot by the Saudi Arabian government to capture Jamal Khashoggi, an outspoken Saudi Washington Post columnist. The intelligence pointed to the idea that there was a “premeditated plot” to either capture or kill the journalist. Midwestern conservatives and followers of the Pax Americana Institute understand that the actions by Saudi officials are not just dangerous to the spread of free speech and ideas, but also an attack on western values as a whole. The Saudi government has habitually shown its opposition to the United States and the values it holds, the situation revolving around Jamal Khashoggi is no different than other ideological battles.

2. FBI Director: China Is Bigger Counterintelligence Threat Than Russia

National Review writer Mairead Mcardle analyzes the recent FBI Director Christopher Wray contentions that China poses a larger counterintelligence threat than Russia. The article quotes Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen saying that China is, “exerting unprecedented effort to influence American opinion.” PAI and its classical conservative readers understand Russia and China as significant threats to the United States, but resources need to be prioritized. If the intelligence agencies of the United States are labeling China as a larger threat, there should be a clear plan to counter them.

3. Driverless Cars Could Become WMDs

Zach Aysan of The Weekly Standard approaches the idea of autonomous cars and the threat they could pose. With an ever-advancing technological world, self-driving cars are no longer a thought for the future. This being said, Aysan provides a clear and concise argument that, with technology that can control itself advancing, hacking is also an increasing risk. Russia, China, and other belligerent nations or even terrorist organizations could use the innovation of self-driving cars as a method of attack on a massive scale. In places like New York City and Chicago, where these vehicles are most likely to be in high numbers, hacker groups could cause mass destruction and chaos by corrupting and controlling the vehicle’s controls. Though many rural midwesterners might feel relatively separated from this issue, conservatives in detached locations must recognize the risks posed by autonomous technology. Removing the human factor could mean mayhem.

4. UN humanitarian aid lines pockets of despotic regimes, critics say

Hollie McKay of Fox News reflects on the issues of UN humanitarian aid and the realization that the intended citizens in failing countries often do not see any help. One of the situations cited was the international aid given to Rwanda after the 1994 genocides which saw corrupt government officials use their newfound resources to fund intervention in regional conflicts. The Pax Americana Institute and its midwestern conservative readers know full well the issues of the UN and the matters it has almost always failed to find a solution to. Conservatives across the US have long felt the UN has failed to uphold its duties, leading way to free rider problems and inadvertently fueling international issues with funds from the United States.