Suggested Articles
28 October – 3 November

1. Op-Ed: The intellectual bankruptcy and historical ignorance of democratic socialism (Part 1)

Alex Benson of NEWSREP gives an insight into the growing trend of “democratic socialism” which has invaded the modern American left. Benson talks about the dangers of a major American party alignment with socialist ideals, stating that “whatever its relationship to traditional Marxism, adopting the socialist moniker is reason enough for concern.” The Pax Americana Institute has always stood against this destructive ideology which appears so appealing to many self-proclaimed “progressive” Americans. Classical Conservatives across the Midwest should continue to counter the tenets of democratic socialists on an intellectual level.

2. Louis Farrakhan Chants ‘Death to America’ During Visit to Iran

National Review writer Jack Crow reports on the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and his recent visit to Iran. Arriving just before the newest round of US economic sanctions, Farrakhan used the anti-American sentiment to build up a rally against American and Western Democratic values. Farrakhan’s long past of anti-Western thought and support for openly destructive regimes like Iran and their abhorrent ideologies are dangerous in the United States, especially when prominent leaders in the American left praise him as a hero. PAI and its conservative readers are fully aware of the threats that people like Farrakhan pose to the American way of life and the values we stand for.

3. Editorial: The Taliban Five Are Back

The editors of The Weekly Standard look into the trade of five key Taliban leaders for US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl in 2014, a decision made by the Obama administration which has had hefty costs. The five terrorists who were released will be joining the political wing of the Taliban which maintains an office in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The decision to deal with the Taliban and release known terrorists in exchange for a soldier who knowingly deserted his assigned post made United States foreign policy into a weak joke. The Pax Americana Institute believes deeply in never negotiating with terrorists, if not for the reason of sacrificing morality then for the sake of maintaining the precedent that terrorist organizations will not get there way.

4. A Republic if you can keep it!

Ambassador Hank Cooper, a member of PAI’s Board of Advisors, reflects the words of Benjamin Franklin when he was asked what kind of government would be implemented in the United States. Ambassador Cooper approaches the many problems of modern American society through a historical lens, fitting for an election day. Midwestern conservatives should remain steadfast and loyal to the approaches of classical conservatism. The fate of the United States rests solely on those who make it up, the people, not the politicians.