2018 Wisconsin Election Fallout
by Pax Americana Staff

Another general election has come and gone. For now, nasty attack ads, candidate debates, and politicians asking for your vote will cease. As we enter the post-election cycle before the new legislative session, conservatives in Wisconsin face an unfamiliar situation: come January 7th, there will not be a conservative governor in office.

Scott Walker, the conservative superhero and rising star during the past decade will be out of office. While all is not lost, Walker’s defeat creates a dilemma for Wisconsin conservatives. For the first time in eight years, they will not be able to turn to their conservative governor for leadership.

Over the past eight years, Governor Walker brought about progress for numerous conservative and pragmatic reforms: protecting the lives of the unborn, lowering property taxes, restoring funding to the transportation fund, freezing tuition for UW Schools, lowering income taxes, instituting the child tax credit, making record investments in K-12 education, and many more that favor conservative thought. Above all, Governor Walker is a staunch Christian who promoted the unchanging values that lead us yesterday, guide us today, and will light the way as we continue through an ever-changing world.

Some will argue Walker’s loss will have little bearing on conservatives, as they will still look to the President for guidance. However, with many split on their support for the President, Wisconsin conservatives need a new face to arise and advocate for the conservative cause here in the state.

Through extraordinary hard work, constituent engagement, and passion on the campaign trail, the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate will remain conservative. Due to the nature of the Wisconsin state legislature being comprised of ninety-nine members in the Assembly and thirty-three in the Senate, it is difficult for one specific leader to emerge and be considered the face of conservatism in Wisconsin.

Solid conservative leadership is crucial in the coming years. Now faced with divided government, many conservative reforms will stall, and gridlock will become the norm. If conservatives wish to reclaim the governorship in 2022, they need to regroup and focus on whom they want to push to lead the next generation of conservatives. Governors Tommy Thompson and Scott Walker championed the conservative vision for Wisconsin. Now, it is time for someone new to pick up the reigns and keep Wisconsin moving forward.