Suggested Articles

18-24 November 2018

1. North Korea working on hidden missile bases: Report

Gabriella Muñoz, reporting for The Washington Times, writes about the recent intelligence findings showing the possible development of 16 new missile bases in North Korea. Satellite imagery from The New York Times showed improvements had been made on several existing sites and other new locations were beginning to be developed. The report shows that North Korea remains untrustworthy regardless of hopeful denuclearization talks. Even when the end goal is peace, legitimizing nations like North Korea can be problematic for the United States. North Korea cannot be trusted, as they have proven time and time again. North Korea should be treated with the appropriate level of caution and condemnation.

2. How Immigration Changes Britain

Douglas Murray of The National Review gives an in-depth analysis of the very real world effect immigration has brought to Great Britain on an ideological front. Asia Bibi, a Christian who has been sentenced to death in Pakistan because of a quarrel in which she defended her ability to use a water container which turned into a crime of “blasphemy,” was denied asylum in Great Britain due “security concerns” because of “certain sections of the community” unrest. The community which would be uneasy in Great Britain is the same one putting Asia’s life at risk in Pakistan. This case shows the definite social movements which develop from massive amounts of relatively uncontrolled immigration and how they can sway policy issues. Pax Americana Institute followers fully understand that these issues are knocking at the door of the United States and the battle for American principles could soon present itself.

3. Editorial: A Ceasefire in Gaza

The Weekly Standards editors write about the most recent round of rocket attacks coming from Hamas in Palestine and the retaliation by the Israeli Defense Force which, as always, utilized heavy target scrutiny. Ceasefires have always been broken between Israel and its belligerent neighbors, but these do not serve as a long-term solution. PAI and its midwestern conservative followers understand the underlying issues of Israel’s dilemna that Israel’s neighbors do not think it has the right to exist. Supporting Israel’s right of survival and their battle against radical Islamic groups, like Hamas, should be taken seriously by the West as the problems plaguing their nation will eventually come to ours.

4. Ilhan Omar’s Election Shows That Democrats Aren’t Interested in Confronting Anti-Semitism

David Harsanyi, a contributor at Town Hall, published this work about the rise of anti-semitism in the Democratic party. With the election of Ilhan Omar to the Minnesota House of Representatives, any sort of argument that the modern American left is not outrightly supporting anti-semitic political figures is null and void. People like Omar and Linda Sarsour, the idolized leader of the Women’s March, are openly anti-Israeli. The attitudes held by these individuals are dangerous to US foreign policy and could end up putting the United States in a dangerous place.