Suggested Articles

25 November – 1 December 2018

1. George H. W. Bush Was a Man Summoned by Events

In light of the passing of George H. W. Bush, George Will of the National Review publishes a reflection of the former president’s stunning life of conservatism and service to the nation. With more regard for his nation than his own life, exemplified by his willingness to serve as a Naval aviator before attending a college in which he was readily accepted, George H. W. Bush was a man that many could only strive to be. The Pax Americana Institute and conservatives all across the nation should take time to reflect on the life of such an honorable man.

2. North Korea Prepares EMP While US Dawdles

Pax Americana Institute Board of Advisors member Dr. Peter Pry writes about the looming EMP threat from North Korea. North Korea continues to develop plans and educate its citizens on Electromagnetic Pulse attacks which could be used against the United States. Midwestern conservatives who follow PAI understand that the EMP threat to the United States is further exacerbated by a largely unprotected grid system. The US cannot continue to ignore the threat of EMP attacks as they would be devastating to the American people. As Dr. Pry reports, North Korea currently maintains two satellites which could be armed as EMP weapons, meaning the threat is all too real.

3. Iran vows to continue missile tests despite U.S. warnings

Carlo Muñoz of The Washington Times reports on the further testing of intermediate and long-range missiles by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The tests are a direct rebuttal to the reintroduction of economic sanctions by the United States, further showing that their belligerency and irrationality are an attempt to counter US actions. Iran continues to pose a significant threat to the United States, not just in their brash actions but also in their support of radical Islamic terrorist organizations. Conservatives in the Midwest continue to monitor and understand the issue of Iran as well as the second and third order of effects which come from letting Iran remain legitimized as an international actor.

4. The Troika of Tyranny Is the New Axis of Evil

Dr. Lamont Colucci, writing in his newly created blog “From the Heartland” which is hosted by Newsmax, discusses John Bolton’s recent reference to Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela as a “Troika of Tyranny.” The three countries are perpetrators of massive human rights abuses because their destructive ideologies have been allowed to freely destroy their own nations and those around them. Dr. Colucci asks where the media outcry is about these vast and horrible human rights issues. The Pax Americana Institute and its classically conservative midwestern followers continue to raise these same questions in a time where the predominantly left-wing American media would rather sling mud than address real-world issues.