1. A 2019 Guide to the English Language

Dr. Lamont Colucci, in his Newsmax column-From the Heartland, covers some of the most recent terms used by the American left to shame and silence those of differing opinion. Political correctness, the first of Dr. Colucci’s explained terms, is what modern-day “liberals” love to use as a defense to the language they think could be anywhere near offensive. Political correctness allows the left to avoid factual argument by deeming the conversation as rude or distasteful. Dr. Colucci explains how all these terms are the attempt by the American left to simply silence all those they oppose. This silencing is directly associated with totalitarianism and tyranny. The Pax Americana Institute and classical conservatives across the Midwest continue to stand against this attempted oppression, encouraging everyone to speak freely and openly.


2. The Left, the Wall, the Truth

Dennis Prager, in a contribution article to Town Hall, explains why the three biggest arguments by the American left over the border wall are all false. The arguments, that the wall is ineffective, too expensive and that it is immoral are all lies, created in an effort only to counter the Trump administration. Prager explains that the left truly believes these lies like they truly believe that the United States was equally to blame for the Cold War or that modern American universities support “rape culture” through fraternities and other male organizations. These lies, and the belief in these lies is damaging to the American ideology as a whole. Conservative followers of PAI must continue to counter these falsehoods through education and informative argument.


3. Turkey’s Libya gambit

American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Michael Rubin writes about Turkeys dangerous foreign policy goals and support systems. A shipment of Turkish pistols arms was intercepted in Libya with a shipping label that claimed the contents were “foodstuffs.” This shipment was meant to make its way to radical Islamic groups operating in Libya, a direct violation of the UN arms embargo and is in ideological opposition to Turkey’s western “allies.” Turkish foreign policy is imperialistic and radical, opposite of what the United States and other Western nations stand for. Pax Americana Institute followers understand that the Turkish ideology does not mesh with our own and is dangerous to our own interests.


4. The U.S. Should Always Be Ready To Deploy Military Strikes Against Iran

Federalist contributor Helen Raleigh covers the recent outrage over National Security Advisor John Bolton’s request for a military strike option against Iran. The request means nothing more than preparation, a last resort option in the case that Iran’s oppressive government decides to harm American interests or individuals. Raleigh explains that this is a necessary tool in John Bolton’s toolbox because of the harmful and irrational nature of Iran’s leadership. Midwestern conservatives know full well that a strong defense means that the United States is prepared to flex the power it has to defeat threats.