Suggested Articles
20-26 January 2019

1. What’s the Best Way to Respond to China’s Economic and Military Might?

Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center writes about the growing need to counter China’s economic and military expansion worldwide. According to him, China expands their global reach through investments, then uses their relationships with technology companies in the West to gain access to information on military technology. The Pax Americana Institute seconds Olsen’s position that the United States cannot stand idly by and ignore Chinese expansionism. China poses a threat to the freedom of the entire world, Midwestern Conservatives notwithstanding.

2. A small step toward honoring Taiwan’s autonomy

Washington Examiner contributor, Tom Chang, reviews the case of Taiwanese independence and presents what the United States can do to help them. Although China has claimed to have control over Taiwan, it is the position of the United States that Taiwan is an autonomous nation. Recently, U.S. RepSteve Chabot (R-OH), brought the “six assurances” forward: a list of the facts of Taiwan’s independent existence. PAI’s position is that American support for Taiwan’s democracy to an otherwise oppressed region of the world, thus countering Chinese aggression and ignorance.

3. A 2019 Guide to the English Language (Part II)

Dr. Lamont Colucci has published his second piece about the politically correct language deployed by the left to silence those of divergent opinion. The term topping his list, virtue signaling, is the epitome of what the new American left stands for: using what had been a term intended to show someone’s piety as something that shows how morally bad that person is. Conservatives across the nation must continue to fight against this silencing, and stand fast against the lunacy that is politically correct language.

4. The age of neo-imperialism

Washington Times analyst and opinion contributor, Clifford May, writes about the new imperialist powers in the world and how they affect the United States. Iran, China, and Russia are straightforward, countering the United States wherever they can. They do this to solidify themselves as a world power and expand their influence. Less scrutinized is the imperialism of the European Union, which actively seeks to counter the United States by expanding a globalistic mindset. Although the Pax Americana Institute is a steadfast supporter of NATO, PAI readers know that countering all imperialism in order to maintain American dominance in the world is vital to the stability of liberty.