Suggested Articles
27 January – 2 February 2019

1. Arms control deja vu

Pax Americana Institute advisors Ambassador Hank Cooper and Dan Gallington review the Trump administration’s Missile Defense Review and new missile strategies. The policies are likened to those of the Strategic Defense Initiative of the Reagan administration. According to them, American missile power and defense is beginning to fall behind. It is vital to American national security that improvements be made on missile technology. Russian response at the time of the administration’s announcement of the strategies was predictably aggressive. PAI readers will remember that Russia remains the only competitor nation with an arsenal that can rival America’s. Stalled American missile technologies make Russia’s aggression the primary threat to the global peace attained through stability.

2. China’s spying, trade theft, and control are splitting the world’s Internet in two

Erin Dunne of The Washington Examiner provides an analysis of China’s ongoing trade abuses. China has a long record of setting out to steal and exploit American government, trade and military secrets. Recently, U.S. prosecutors released indictments against Huawei for covering up their attempts to steal U.S. technology. Because of China’s belligerent actions, countries with ties to both the U.S. and China are being forced to take sides and cut some telecommunication ties. China appears to be leveraging its trade agreements as a sort of blackmail. The Pax Americana Institute’s position is that standing against China’s bullying tactics is essential to the internet freedom of the world.

3. 4 Myths Democrats Are Spreading About Venezuela To Support A Dictator

Federalist Contributor, Helen Raleigh, delves into the turbulent case of Venezuela, explaining why the left is continuing to spread lies about the situation. The popular thing to do for the left today is to support socialist dictators in the hopes that their ideology will find its way into American politics. Raleigh explains that Maduro, the socialist dictator who drove Venezuela off an economic cliff, has been receiving praise from Americans as if he is not to blame. The goal of Maduro’s American supporters seems to be to shame the man who is now claiming to be president, left-leaning Juan Guaidó. Leftist disinformation and support for Maduro is damaging to Classical Conservatives and what they stand for in the world today.

4. Maduro Is Putin’s Man in Caracas

Hudson Institute Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead explains why Putin continues to show support for Maduro. Unlike the Cold War era, when Soviet support for Latin America was based on ideology, Russia now backs Venezuela for economic reasons. Because Maduro has failed to make his oil reserves profitable, Putin can capitalize by upselling Russian oil. This situation is problematic for the United States, as it aids Russia economically and makes the Venezuelan situation significantly more dangerous. The Pax Americana Institute continues to hold the belief that American-backed leadership in Venezuela is vital to regional stability.