The Dark Side of China’s Yuan Diplomacy

Dr. Lamont Colucci writes about China’s “colossal effort” in using predatory loan tactics to expand its influence and control. China gives billions of dollars in loans to nations across the world, knowing most of these nations will not be able to pay them back. They then require the given nation to turn over strategic points of interest, such as ports, when the nation defaults on the loan. As Dr. Colucci points out, the American left has habitually criticised the United States for using “dollar diplomacy”, but remains seemingly silent on China’s intentions and efforts to expand its influence. The United States and its allies must move to combat these injustices perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Democrats’ Deterrence Minimalism a Win for Putin

Pax Americana Institute Board of Advisors member Dr. Peter Pry speculates about the upcoming vote on the defense spending bill. The bill will determine if the United States is able to modernize its aging nuclear arsenal, or if Democrats will choose to abandon this necessity in hopes of “deterrence minimalism.” A pipe dream of the Obama administration, pursuing a zero nuclear weapons strategy hurts the United States and bolster enemies like Russia. Putin continues to push for a modernization of both nuclear weapons and ICBMs within Russia, thus putting the United States at an increased risk.

ISIS Brides Seek to Return to the West

American Spectator writer Evan Maguire reports on the developments surrounding multiple young women who had left their home nations to join ISIS and are now seeking to return to their places of origin. Most complaints from the individuals derive from refugee camp conditions they’re now subject to. As Maguire writes, these individuals are not subject to these conditions because of the situation around them — like everyone else that ended up there — they are in these camps because they joined a terrorist organization. President Trump has stated that he and Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo will not allow these individuals back into the United States because of the threats they pose. Individuals who join terrorist organizations must understand there are consequences to their actions.