Suggested Articles
3-9 March 2019

1. A Space Service in support of American grand strategy

DoD photo courtesy of SpaceX

Dr. Lamont Colucci covers the United States Space Service and how its formation supports American grand strategy. Critics of the Space Service, largely originating in liberal political circles, have continued to occupy many major news outlets. As Dr. Colucci points out, US leadership in space — both defensively and for exploration — is necessary to maintain safety and freedom on the last frontier. A separate branch focused solely on space operations has a multitude of positives which far outweigh the negatives. If the US is to maintain its security on Earth and beyond, it must continue to push for a separate space service, sending the message to America’s adversaries that they are serious about these issues.

2. The next 9/11

Pax Americana Institute Board of Advisors member Peter Pry writes about the possibility of another massive terrorist attack in the United States. As the United States continues to fight against ISIS and like-minded groups, attention is being turned away from terrorism. This is allowing groups like Ansar Allah, a Houthi political and religious movement started in Yemen, to gain power and expand influence. The reach of Ansar Allah is far beyond what Al Qaeda ever achieved and it continues to grow. The affiliations of the group include Iran which possess military capabilities that are a direct threat to the United States. If the US is to avoid re-living the pain which happened on 9/11, threats like this must be addressed and eliminated.

3. Conflict between India and Pakistan shows the dogfighting era is far from over

NEWSREP reporter Alex Hollings expands on the tensions between India and Pakistan. The recent air to air engagement between the two nations thrust their historical conflict back into the headlines, and has sparked speculation of future air to air combat. The United States maintains the best and most capable air forces in the world — meaning it would have an advantage over any nation choosing to enter into such conflict. This is only maintainable if the US continues to develop new technologies. Air to air combat is far from over and the US must ensure it is capable of winning any and all fights.