Suggested Articles
10-16 March 2019

1.Trump’s Personality Greatest Asset in Denuclearizing North Korea

Dr. Peter Pry of PAI’s Board of Advisors discusses how President Trump’s attitude has affected the administration’s foreign policy goals concerning North Korea. Kim Jong Un has been looked at as an irrational thinker which is why the current administration has addressed him with aggressive strategies. The viability of these strategies has yet to be assessed but many of the administration’s supporters have claimed they will be successful. It is because of this aggressive stance that Dr. Pry believes the United States can take military action against North Korean threats without sparking a new war. With this in mind, policy makers might consider taking action in order to sway the North Korea situation in the United States’ favor.

2. Freedom is the antidote to the threat of socialism

Washington Times contributor Rebecca Hagelin writes about how socialism can be combated within the United States. Modern leftist political thought is driven by socialist ideals, gripping young voters with the false promises of free school, healthcare and housing. Hagelin argues that the counterargument to these irrational political desires is, and has always been, the spread of freedom. Political freedom allows individuals to pursue life as they see fit, meaning that no downfall can be blamed on anyone else nor success attributed to any other party. Just as the Pax Americana Institute believes, the ideals of liberty and individual freedom this nation was founded upon are vital to combatting the evils brought on by socialism.

3. China Wants to Replace the U.S. in the Pacific

Seth Cropsey, Director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for American Seapower, explains how China seeks to replace the United States in the Pacific. China has been steadily increasing defense spending. New technologies are created based on reverse engineering and cyber-espionage operations mainly targeting the US. The PRC is seeking to build permanent military bases throughout the Pacific, establishing secure locations for power projection. The Pax Americana Institute fully backs the idea that there should be freedom of trade and passage, backed by strong US naval power.

4. ‘Putin’s brain’ an echo of absolute tyrants

President of the American Foreign Policy Council, Herman Pirchner Jr, writes about the influences of Vladislav Surkov, one of Putin’s main advisors. Pirchner addresses two different issues surrounding Surkov. The first issue is that the modern American left is diluting the “fascist” and “imperialist” by applying them to political enemies for the sake of argument. The second is that Surkov is both of these things, expressing in a recent publication that Russia is a growing great power which must replace the United States in the role of the world’s peacekeeper. It is because of the left’s fixation on American political enemies that people like Surkov and Putin can act without regard for the ideals of liberty.