Suggested Articles
24-30 March 2019

1. Colleges’ Transformed Mission Misses the Mark

Real Clear Politics contributor Peter Berkowitz writes about the changing landscape of America’s college campuses. Today, critical thinking is starting to slip away from the ultimate goal of many universities. According to him, it’s being replaced with what many would consider leftist indoctrination. As Berkowitz points out, colleges’ new mission statements no longer reflect the desire to conserve the wisdom of humanity, but instead are focusing on creating “new” ideas in the name of progress. The Pax Americana Institute is devoted to conserving American values and ideals which are quietly dying off of America’s educational institutions.

2. Trump is getting it right on Venezuela. In fact, he needs to double down

American Enterprise Institute scholar Roger Noriega comments on the Trump administration’s actions pertaining to Venezuela. Both President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton have taken a hard stance against both Maduro’s oppressive socialist regime and nations that lend it aid. Noriega asserts that US influence in Venezuela and all of South America is vital to solving the problems of corruption and drug smuggling which plague not just their country but also the United States.

3. The U.S.-China Global Dance

Ambassador David Mulford of the Hoover Institute reports on the tenuous situation of global economics and the ties between the United States and China. Aggressive trade policies focused on opening markets are a hazard to China based on their state-controlled financial situation. Pushing a hard economic line has helped to get the attention of the PRC but could also spell complications for the United States. The “dance” between the United States and China, specifically on the economic front, is chaotic. It should be treated with care and attention, meaning our nation’s leaders must consider all actions and outcomes while creating policy.