Suggested Articles
31 March 2019 – 6 April 2019

1. Nuclear Vulnerability: In-orbit Bodyguards Would Help Protect NC3 Satellites from Attacks

Brian Chow of Space News explains the vulnerability of US and friendly satellites to both nuclear and kinetic attacks in outer space. As the United States and the world moves closer and closer to massive space operations, the possibilities of dangerous satellite attacks increase. Chow writes that space-based “bodyguard” satellites are able to lower the risk of key technology being destroyed by enemy attacks. He illustrates that these bodyguard satellites could protect against both space-based weapons systems as well as ground-based ones. If the United States is to protect its assets on the last frontier, development of these new technologies is necessary.

2. Americans Need to Overcome Complacency About National Security

Dr. Lamont Colucci addresses the issue of national security complacency in his Newsmax column, From the Heartland. Dr. Colucci points out that Americans have been repeatedly told they have the strongest military assets in the world, meaning national security is of no issue. To believe this at face value is detrimental to the long-term viability of the United States. Ironically, it is because of the peace itself provided by the United States’ primacy that its citizens refuse to face the fact that military innovation is desperately needed.

3. A New Cold War Between the U.S. and China

President and CEO of the Hudson Institute Kenneth R. Weinstein reviews the speech given by Vice President Mike Pence about the new US-Chinese relationship. The current administration has decided to address Chinese expansionism, both military and economic, head-on. As Weinstein explains, the Trump administration’s decision to expose the PRC strategies leaves the United States at odds with China. Because both powers are so heavily intertwined, the next steps taken to ensure China does not overstep its bounds will need to be meticulous. Just as in the aforementioned article by Dr. Colucci, the time is now for the United States to step back into its capacity as the world’s leader.

4. When you don’t appreciate your civilization

Editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire Ben Shapiro writes for the Conservative Institute on the dangers of disowning one’s own civilization. Shapiro mentions that the modern American political left, and some in the alt-right, have tried to reduce western society down to racial supremacy. The goal of this tactic is to usher in “progressive” policies by shaming and scaring those who believe in conserving the American way of life. The Pax Americana Institute agrees, knowing well that the philosophical principles of free markets, free speech, and free association exist due to the United States. Now is the time to protect these principles, before they disappear forever.