Suggested Articles
5-11 May 2019

1. The road to Caracas

Niall Ferguson of the Hoover Institute writes in the Boston Globe about US possibilities in Venezuela and possible repercussions of not taking action. Ferguson notes that perceivably unsuccessful cases such as Iraq and Vietnam have gained enough public attention to drown out successful arguments for US involvement — like Panama, Bosnia, and Kosovo. It is because of these misguided understandings that the American public refuses to accept that the US could help to oust the oppressive Maduro regime and institute a well-functioning democracy. Not taking action discredits the United States as the international peacekeeper, leaving room for China and Russia to step into that role.


2. North Korea’s Weapons Launch: Kim Jong-un is Flailing and That is Good

Map showing North Korean missile launches over JapanHudson Institute Asia-Pacific Security Chair Patrick Cronin provides an analysis of the chain of events since President Donald Trump’s peace talks with North Korea abruptly ended. Kim Jong-Un has grown increasingly belligerent, searching for attention in a world that will not give him any. The current pressure brought by the US administration via sanctions is only legitimized more as North Korea continues its irrationality. In order to keep the threat of war at bay, the Trump administration must continue tough sanctions, forcing North Korea to come to the negotiating table with diplomatic options for moving forward.


3. Don’t abandon values just to trade with China

In an opinion piece for the Washington Examiner, Joseph Moschello comments on American values and what they mean when trading with morally ambiguous nations like China. The benefit that Americans have of not being subject to silencing and being taken into custody for their anti-government opinions is not something shared by those under the watchful eyes of the PRC. Moschello believes that American business owners and trade executives should not ignore the abuses of China’s oppressive regime in fear of repercussion. The Pax American Institute has always held the belief that maintaining moral standards and high ground are a vital long-term investment, reflecting the values America was founded on and still stands for. If the US and its private businesses are to maintain their legitimacy, they must address China’s actions bluntly.