Suggested Articles
12-18 May 2019

1. Iran’s war on Christianity

Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council, writes for the Washington Times about the persecution faced by Christians in Iran. Berman recalls that the Islamic Republic’s Minister of Intelligence publicly released that his office is deliberately fighting against those who advocate Christianity. Though Iran does recognize faiths other than Islam, religious followers outside of Muslims have been habitual targets for persecution.  Iran’s active fight against Christian beliefs is detrimental to the inherent freedom of religion for all people, not just those under the control of Iran.

2. The Sources of CCP Conduct

Wisconsin’s own Congressman Mike Gallagher gives an analysis of the Chinese Communist Party and their intents to continually expand, no matter the cost. China continues its distortion of international norms, violation of trade and free passage laws and increased aggression in the East and South China seas.  These are just some of the contemporary issues that arise in dealing with the CCP. Today, China continues to employ the tactic of making those it deals with economically reliable on them, effectively taking nations hostage through economics. The China problem is not going away and will require strong American action to counter it.

3. Tracking the Type 002 – China’s third aircraft carrier

The Center for Strategic and International Studies “China Power” team provides insight into China’s newest creation, their third aircraft carrier. Much of the intelligence behind China’s new aircraft carrier comes from satellite imagery of the alleged construction site. The building project is well underway, which raises alarms in the American national security community. As mentioned in congressman Gallagher’s article above, the situation of aggressive Chinese expansion should not be taken lightly. The development and deployment of a new aircraft carrier will serve the CCPs end goals of becoming the only world power.