Suggested Articles
February 2020


  1. Goodbye Europe, Hello America?

In this National Review article, Madeleine Kearns explains how the finalization of Brexit is not just a new future for the United Kingdom, but also a new future for the relationship between the United States and the UK. Kearns makes an argument similar to that of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stating, “The previous administration took the view that if the United Kingdom made this decision they’d be at the back of the line… We intend to put the United Kingdom at the front of the line.” Not only will the United States make efforts to increase trade and foreign relations with the UK, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it clear he wishes to expand Britain’s economy not only past the EU, but also that of other world superpowers. 

The article in National Review does a superb job in explaining the positives in a world after Brexit, which mainstream media reporting has avoided. 


  1. Dems Don’t Realize How Much Impeachment Hurts Them

In a time of impeachment, American Conservative Columnist, Peter Van Buren, writes about the lasting impacts impeachment will have on the Democratic Party. After three years of trying various methods of impeaching the president, the Democrats have failed and have done nothing to advance their non-existent platform. Van Buren, like many other Conservatives, claim the process of impeachment by the Democrats has been an abuse of power by politicizing the impeachment process. From Kavanaugh, to Russiagate, and now to Ukraine, the Democrats have shown they stand for nothing, but hating Trump. 

Peter Van Buren’s article does a fantastic job laying out the recent history of the Democrats petty actions leaves a souring effect on the average American voter. 


  1. The Question that Explains Everything


Dennis Prager, founder of PragerU, writes in TownHall about a single question that will explain everything about humanity. Prager describes many questions with meaning related to religion, politics, or culture. As these are important questions, Prager describes that a person’s view on their life purpose is what actually signifies the human condition. 

As times change, so do people’s meanings of life. In the past 100 years, Americans have lost their meaning to life as religion, God, family, and patriotism has begun to vanish at an alarming rate. Dennis Prager dives into the moral questions of humanity and tries to answer what can reverse this moral decline in a world of changing morality.