Suggested Articles
May 2020


1.  Quarantine for Thee, but Not for Me

After almost three months in a government shutdown, wealthy, public officials are being criticized for breaking the very orders they argue to have in place to “stop the spread” of COVID-19. The article posted in the National Review goes into detail on the statistics involving travel amongst different neighborhoods. According to the article, the New York Times reported around 40% of the residents in the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York traveled during the quarantine while only 5% of the general population of New York was traveling. 

The article also points out the obvious; people in public office make guidelines on what isn’t safe under the situation of COVID-19 while breaking them afterwards. It is clear the general public doesn’t even know what is safe anymore. Some states claim touching objects others people have touched can lead to being infected with COVID-19, while others claim it doesn’t. Not even the CDC can agree in the past 3 months if masks are a good idea for the current situation. It is clear government regulation of COVID-19 has led to a scenario where governors have turned into kings, concepts the founding fathers directly fought against.

2. Why Voting by Mail is a Bad Idea

An article posted by the MacIver Institute shows exactly why Conservatives need to continue to fight against vote-by-mail efforts as it leads to high levels of voter fraud. The Wisconsin Election Commission found around 43 incidents where voter fraud took place in the last state wide election. The incidents took place where either multiple absentee ballots were casted, or voting occurred in different states, involving both in-person and absentee voting. 

The concept of absentee voting, although positive for those who can’t make the election, directly correlates to an increase of fraud occurring in elections. If the 2020 election is going to be held by mail voting, expect to see extremely high levels of fraud that might even cause extreme shifts in turnouts.

3. A New Hong Kong

The latest news coming out of China has drastically reset the hopes of the revolutionaries in Hong Kong looking for freedom outside of the PRC. As the world is distracted by  COVID-19, China has declared it is going to use national security measures to bypass the Hong Kong legislative body, thus making Hong Kong under the complete control of China. As this may have been inevitable for some, there was a chance the United States could have helped prevent this destruction of freedom, but it is far too late. 

The article published in the National Review delves into the long term games the PRC has been playing to get complete control over Hong Kong. China, unlike the United States, will almost never make one big move in less than a year, but will make tiny moves over decades to finally complete an objective, as with control of Hong Kong for example, taking almost 30 years. The concept of freedom is diminishing in Asia, as Hong Kong is now under the complete control of China and there is little to nothing the United States can do to prevent it without taking serious aggressive actions.