Monthly Book Recommendation:
December 2018

The Way to Wealth 
by Benjamin Franklin
(find an audiobook version here)

Benjamin Franklin, an inventor, writer, and founding father is one of the most influential individuals in early American history. In contemporary America, Franklin is usually seen as a founding father who aided in the American Revolution. As this is true, prior to the American Revolution, Franklin was popular in the scientific society with studies, including electricity, meteorology, refrigeration, and dozens of others.

To share his findings with the citizens of colonial America, Benjamin Franklin would produce a yearly publication titled Poor Richard’s Almanack. Franklin’s almanac would provide seasonal weather forecasts, poems, household suggestions, a calendar, and occasionally political essays. The Way to Wealth first debuted in 1758, one of the final years of Poor Richard’s Almanack. Throughout this timeless essay by Benjamin Franklin, there are several lessons on how people should conduct their lifestyles, many of which are expressed by those in the modern conservative movement. The Way to Wealth details various philosophical teachings an American can use to create a successful lifestyle through proper work ethic and overall frugality.

Although the philosophy of Conservatism as it is understood today was in mere inception during the 18th century, predominant conservative Edmund Burke, a friend of Benjamin Franklin, shared similar beliefs on the topics of work ethic, where only the individual can control their personal wealth through their work. Throughout Franklin’s book, there are many quotes that may sound familiar to the average American. With classic phrases including, “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” and “Have you somewhat to do tomorrow, do it today,” Benjamin Franklin was able to use reasoning and common sense to promote hard work that would lead to prosperity.

A lasting message that Benjamin Franklin’s The Way to Wealth tells is that hard work coincided with common sense and traditional values were the path to success. Benjamin Franklin’s teaching could easily be used today in the education system to teach proper ethics and time-honored values. What the United States needs to remember is the quote, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” which defines Benjamin Franklin’s view on the future of America. It’s easy to say amongst Conservatives, without many of the early American teachings, the American Republic would cease to exist.

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