Suggested Articles
2-8 December 2018

1. Don’t trust the intel when it comes to Iran’s nuke program

Dr. Peter Pry, a member of PAI’s Board of Advisors, provides insight into the issues surrounding Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the intelligence related to such capabilities. Dr. Pry cites several high ranking former intelligence officials, including another Pax Americana Institute Board of Advisors members Ambassador R. James Woolsey and Ambassador Hank Cooper, who claimed that Iran has a policy of deception and strategic sacrifice which was used to mislead the Obama administration. Iran’s habitually hostile nature towards the US and the West mean they should not be trusted. Skepticism about their “non-existent” nuclear weapons program is necessary to develop a national security policy. Midwestern conservatives cannot afford to leave this issue on the back burners.

2. You Can’t Go Home Again

Davis Devoss of The Weekly Standard explains why so many Californians are having issues getting back on their feet after the most recent wildfires. Devoss notes that inadequate insurance plays a small part in the issue, but the major problems have stemmed from California’s “famously progressive policies designed to protect the environment.” Though relatively well-intentioned, California’s building laws make rebuilding extremely hard in the long run, not to mention impossible to do quickly. California’s far left governmental requirements are proving to hurt the citizens who must abide by them, preventing much-needed healing. The Pax Americana Institute and classical conservatives across the nation will continue to cite this instance as one for smaller government.

3. Bolton outlines U.S. African strategy to challenge China, Russia

Carlo Muñoz of The Washington Times reports on National Security Advisor John Bolton’s announcement of the Trump administration’s plans for Africa. Bolton notes that China and Russia are currently using predatory practices in Africa to expand their influence and gain economic advantage in the region. China has been increasing its influence in China through loans and economic support. Because many African nations cannot accumulate the necessary amount of money to repay China, the PRC then forgives loans through land grabbing opportunities. Midwestern conservatives know although Africa is far away, the influence China is spreading is damaging to the American way of life. Pax Americana Institute followers should keep this issue front and center.