Suggested Articles 
9-15 December 2018

1. Allowing the State to Search Gun Seekers’ Social-Media Accounts Is a Terrible Idea

Katherine Timpf of The National Review comments on the issues now posed by an upcoming bill in New York which would allow police to search through potential gun owners social media accounts. The issue with the bill, as Timpf notes, is not that there could be information preventing the mentally disturbed from getting weapons, but instead it actually targets “biased language.” PAI and its midwestern conservative readers know well the attacks on regular American, labeling things like The Lord of the Rings racist and “Baby it’s Cold Outside” as sexist, just to bring down classical conservatives. The New York bill is not just an attack on the second amendment; it is a smear tactic by the American left.

2. Carnage, Death, Mayhem: Report predicts Catastrophe in Event of EMP Attack

Pax Americana Institute Board of Advisors member Dr. Peter Pry writes about the U.S. Air Force Electromagnetic Defense Task Force report outlining America’s inability to properly defend against EMP attacks. Another PAI Board of Advisors member and former CIA director Ambassador James Woolsey was a co-author of the report. The Pax Americana Institute and it’s readers continue to hold EMP threats in a high regard, knowing well the hazards that come with failure to prepare properly.

3. The censorship of the American mind

Washington Post contributor Cheryl Chumley gives an analysis of the censorship of conservative thoughts and ideas on today’s college campuses. Today, many colleges have adopted policies which can be used to silence students should their opinions diverge from that of the professors and faculty. Chumley cites a report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, saying about 90% of today’s college campuses have such policies. Classical conservatives in the Midwest and beyond fully grasp the issues that come with censoring ideas. This is a slippery slope that has led the human race to plummet into heinous depths before. The Pax Americana Institute fully supports the freedom of speech the American people have.

4. China’s Growing Aggression on the High Seas

Matthew Continetti of The National Review reports on China’s increased hostility around the East and South China Seas and the Sea of Japan. China has continued to push the United States and its allies, like Japan, showing their staunch desire to take control of strategic locations in the seas. PAI continues to monitor the issues China brings forward and provide analysis of how to counter the imperialistic goals of Xi Jinping. Classical conservatives know the challenges China has created and understand a world led by the tyrannical ideologies of the PRC are dangerous to all ways of life in the free world.