Suggested Articles
16-22 December 2018

1. Stay in Syria

The editors of The National Review write about the newest development from the current administration concerning a troop withdrawal from Syria. Pulling troops out of Syria has serious implications, considering operations there have done well to both help defeat ISIS and check Russian intervention in the Middle East. Just as in Iraq, a massive withdrawal from Syria leaves an open space for radical groups, the tyrannical government of the Assad regime and Russian influence to run rampant. Classical conservative followers of PAI understand that leaving Syria now does nothing but hamper the United States in long term foreign policy goals by weakening it’s sphere of influence.

2. ‘Disturbing’ new tactics: Mexican cartels use ultralight aircraft to smuggle illegals into U.S.

The Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan reports on the new aircraft used by Mexican drug cartels to smuggle drugs and people into the United States illegally. The small aircraft are powered by lawnmower style engines and are built out of everyday materials. These homemade aircraft show the ongoing and shifting challenges that border patrol agents face on a daily basis. The Pax Americana Institute and its readers understand these changes show the necessity for resource dedication to border security institutions. The United States cannot afford to stand by and let dangerous cartel members take control of the southern border.

3. The U.S. Military’s Crisis of Imagination

Former Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Seth Cropsey and former Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith write about the problem of adapting to future national security issues. Because the national security of the United States relies on imagination of what attacks could come next, stagnation in congress over funding can lead to immense demise. The United States history is marked with situations that could have been prevented by proper adaptation, referring to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Pax Americana Institute followers know that a strong defense, built of imaginative prediction, is the key to protecting this great nation.

4. Strategic default: How to roll back China’s weaponization of capital investment

J. Michael Waller of The Washington Examiner provides insight into the predatory loan tactics used by China to acquire ports and gain monetary interests in other nations. China has been exploiting poor nations by providing loans they know cannot be repaid. Nations of strategic interest to China remain at risk of falling prey to the exploitative communist party of the PRC. Midwestern conservatives understand the United States, as the purveyor of freedom in the world, is the best hope in leading the charge against China and their abuses of poor nations.