Suggested Articles
23-29 December 2018

1. In Africa, the US needs to counteract China and Russia — without becoming them

This editorial in the Washington Examiner covers the expansion by Russia and China into Africa. Both nations are currently expanding their global reach by investing in nations and acquiring strategic pieces of land or businesses. The piece notes the importance of American support, for both the African nations and our own, explaining the investment in Africa is a long-term game. Pax Americana Institute followers grasp the necessity of American intervention, knowing the United States is, as Abraham Lincoln said, the “last best hope” for the world today.

2. Duckworth’s AR-15 Screed Merely Proves The Left Is Lying About Gun Control

Federalist contributor Noah Diekemper writes about the ever heated gun control debate and Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth’s recent appeal about banning weapons. Duckworth brings up several cases in which violence lead to the death of individuals and suggests banning semi-automatic weapons is the answer to these issues. Duckworth alluded to the idea that politicians who oppose gun control care more about money from the NRA than the lives of those who have been affected by gun violence. Situations like this show the American Left desire to continually erode the values we hold near and dear, especially considering all other rights are protected by the second amendment right. PAI followers continue to fight for the American way of life, opposing the deteriorating ideas supported by those like Duckworth.

3. Defending Trump’s Space Command

Jon Justice of the Washington Times makes the case for president Trump’s newly directed creation of the Space Command. The moves to create a space defense force have sparked numerous critics to claim it will cause another arms race or it is a waste of government resources. As Justice points out, a defense force focused on securing the reaches of outer space is necessary to keep the United States safe in an ever-changing and technologically advancing world. Classically conservative followers of PAI, both in the Midwest and other parts of our nation, understand that American leadership, pioneering, and defense in outer space is the only way to keep the country safe and secure.

4. How Compassionate Is The Democrats’ Open-Borders Policy?

Daily Wire writer David Limbaugh explores the irrationality and self-destructive nature of the proposed border strategies of the American Left. Such policies have sanctuary cities and catch-and-release tactics which not only incentivize illegal immigration but also put legal immigrants and current American citizens at risk. PAI readers must continue to push for legal immigration which can help to allow those most deserving and needing of help to get it. Classical conservatives everywhere understand the border debate truly boils down to a defense of the rule of law, protecting the values Americans hold.