Suggested Articles
30 December 2018 – 5 January 2019

1. Jimmy Carter’s bad ideas on China

Gary Anderson of The Washington Times provides insight into former President Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy ideas concerning China. Former President Carter’s proposal came after a rear admiral of the Chinese navy suggested sinking US naval ships to show their regional dominance. The struggle to maintain freedom is a constant in American foreign policy. Pax Americana Institute readers understand that a free and fair Pacific relies on the United States alone.

2. Russia’s anti-Western propaganda campaign is a declaration of war

Washington Examiner opinion contributor Henry Miller investigates the Russian aggression carried out via propaganda and disinformation operations. Russian cyber meddling is nothing new, spreading across a multitude of different areas from explicit hacking to anti-technology trolling. Russia targets individuals by provoking a response which will generate sentiment against American organizations, like in the instance where anti-vaccine propaganda was used to pit low-income Americans against pharmaceutical companies by spreading the blatant lie that high-income households receive cleaner vaccines. Russian propaganda is splitting Americans and deliberately causing turmoil within the United States. PAI readers remain vigilant against the threat of Russian disinformation.

3. Opinion: Trump’s withdrawal of US military personnel from Syria will allow Putin to grow Russia’s influence

Alan Baez, a guest contributor for NEWSREP, explains how the American troop withdrawal from Syria will lead to an increase in Russian regional influence. US military presence in the Middle East, specifically in Syria, keeps Russian influence and aggression at bay, by deterring their military operation. Putin has already displayed heavy support for the Assad regime, allowing the massive human rights violations to continue against those we consider our allies, the Kurds. As Baez explains, US troop withdrawal will not only harm the United States by allowing the expansion of Russian influence but will also diminish the key relationships the US has in the Middle East. Classical conservatives across the US who follow the Pax Americana Institute continue to monitor the current situation, knowing well the hazards of withdrawal and the long-term benefits of exercising American influence.

4. You Can’t Make This Up: A Speech Code that Investigates Students for Discussing the Freedom of Speech

CATO institute researchers Ilya Shapiro and Patrick Morgan review the newly adopted “speech codes” by the University of South Carolina. Speech codes within themselves are inherently degrading to the first amendment right of United States citizens, but these new campus regulations created an investigation into students who were discussing the idea of Freedom of Speech. This situation shows a dangerous turn being taken in places where education and free thought are supposed to triumph. Classically conservative followers of PAI remain in support of discourse, especially on public college campuses where the sharing of ideas of vital to our republic.