Suggested Articles
3 – 9 February 2019

1. The unpredictable rise of China

Dan Blumenthal of the American Enterprise Institute explores two factors that make China and its rise in global prominence dangerous. First is China’s belief that they’re the rightful center of the world; second is their increased internal turbulence — a factor that has the potential to cause international issues. The internal issues in China saw Xi Jinping implement massive reforms. These reforms brought with them new “national security” laws which allow the Chinese Communist Party to monitor the citizens of China and rank their loyalty to the party. China’s unpredictability makes their case ever more important.

2. Heading toward a bad solution to the Afghan riddle

Washington Times contributor Gary Anderson writes about the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and the implications that decision might hold. Anderson explains the historical lessons learned from Vietnam. When the United States withdrew, North Vietnamese insurgency forces were able to massacre the south Vietnamese. The Taliban peace talks might produce overly hopeful outcomes, leading US leaders to trust them. Allowing the Taliban to revert back to their fundamentalist ways only aggravates the current issues.

3. A growing record of insanity

Robert Knight of the Washington Times raises the argument that the left is increasingly moving towards inconsistency. From late-term abortions in New York to Nancy Pelosi’s suggestions that border security is grounded in racism rather than national interest, the left continues to “de-rail” from reality. One of the most recent stories comes from Senator Kamala Harris of California. Harris is seeking to end all private health insurance, a devastation for many American people. The fight to maintain American values is more prevalent now than it ever has been.