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Suggested Articles: 6-12 January 2019

Suggested Articles6-12 January 2019 1. Marco Rubio: Will we shape societal trends, or be helplessly shaped by them? Florida Senator Marco Rubio comments on the issues Americans face in society today and how those living in the United States can shape a prosperous...

Suggested Articles: 23-29 December 2018

Suggested Articles23-29 December 2018 1. In Africa, the US needs to counteract China and Russia — without becoming them This editorial in the Washington Examiner covers the expansion by Russia and China into Africa. Both nations are currently expanding their global...

Suggested Articles: 16-22 December 2018

Suggested Articles16-22 December 2018 1. Stay in Syria The editors of The National Review write about the newest development from the current administration concerning a troop withdrawal from Syria. Pulling troops out of Syria has serious implications, considering...

Suggested Articles: 9-15 December 2018

Suggested Articles 9-15 December 2018 1. Allowing the State to Search Gun Seekers’ Social-Media Accounts Is a Terrible Idea Katherine Timpf of The National Review comments on the issues now posed by an upcoming bill in New York which would allow police to search...

Suggested Articles: 2-8 December 2018

Suggested Articles2-8 December 2018 1. Don’t trust the intel when it comes to Iran’s nuke program Dr. Peter Pry, a member of PAI’s Board of Advisors, provides insight into the issues surrounding Iran's nuclear capabilities and the intelligence related to such...

Suggested Articles: 18-24 November 2018

Suggested Articles 18-24 November 2018 1. North Korea working on hidden missile bases: Report Gabriella Muñoz, reporting for The Washington Times, writes about the recent intelligence findings showing the possible development of 16 new missile bases in North Korea....

Suggested Articles: 21-27 October 2018

Suggested Articles 21-27 October 2018 1. Will Americans Vote for Congressional Gridlock or US National Security? Dr. Peter Pry, a member of the Pax Americana Institute Board of Directors, writes about the possible dangers of a predominantly left-wing congress after...

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